▶▶︎About RV
Q. Can I drive the RV with a normal drivers license?
A. Yes ,but you'll need over 3 years driving experiences and also you need to be legally allowed to drive here in Japan. 

Q. Can I smoke inside of the RV?
A. No.

Q.  Can I go inside of the RV cabin with shoes?
A. You need to take off your shoes inside of the RV living space.

Q.  Can the RV drive on the toll road?
A. There's no ETC set up in our RV. If you use a toll road please go through regular ticket booth. 
       The price is a regular car fee.

▶︎▶︎About Facility
Q. Can I set up a baby chair seat in the RV?
A. Only in the front seat . There  are 2 seatbelts in the rear cabin but they are side facing.

Q. Can AC and power be used when the engine is turned off?
A.  Yes , there's separate batteries for them. You can see the batteries power level on its meter.

Q. I'm worried  my pet will bite inside the RV. 
A. The charge is ¥4000 for a pet fee. Plus In case something happened we'll charge an extra repair fee and a deep  cleaning fee.


▶︎▶About booking / payment
Q.  Can I rent out the RV by walk in?
A. Yes, but It may take time to prepare the RV. (i.e) Clean and maintenance.

Q. What are methods of payment?
A.  Credit cards.

Q.  Can I cancel my trip?
A.  Yes , If you cancel before 2 weeks of your trip there will be no cancelation fee. If there's a typhoon or if we think that it would not be safe for driving we will ask you to reschedule.

Q.   Do we need to pay deposit?

A. For our rentals we ask for a 100.000yen or around $700 USD deposit prior to rental .We'll refund 100% of the deposit upon the return of the RV is undamaged.