Solo Girls from Singapore RV camping in Okinawa, Japan!!

Within the past couple of months our Okinawa RV rental service has had two SOLO girl customers who each booked an RV adventure for Nearly a week each! Camping alone affords a peaceful and fun way to detach from the city life of Singapore and both of our female customers really enjoyed their time exploring everything Okinawa has to offer!  RV camping in Okinawa is very safe compared to other parts of the world and both of our Solo Campers said that they felt safe during their whole trip! 

We had a chance to Interview one of our Okinawa RV rental SOLO girl campers during a podcast and we will share that video from our OkinawaRV YouTube 


If you’re looking for things to do in Okinawa she said to look to further than the incredible Onsen’s here in Okinawa.  Our customer spent most evening parked near an onsen so she could easily access the hot/cold baths and showers. Most onsens’s she went to cost roughly about 1,000 yen per soak.  Stay tuned as we will create a future Okinawa RV rental blog about Okinawa’s different Onsen’s available for our camping car rental customers.  Below are come pics from her trip-

As of late we’ve had many Okinawa RV camping car rental customers who have booked with us from Singapore and we were wondering why Okinawa seems to be hotspot for Singaporeans. We asked one of our solo camping girls and she said it’s because the Singaporean currency is so strong right now compared to the Japanese yen taking a trip to Okinawa is very budget friendly. That makes sense to us!! One great thing about renting an Okinawa camping car with Okinawa RV rentals is that you can knock two birds out of the air with 1 stone. A place to stay / an Okinawa rental car. By booking an RV rental with us you don’t have to worry about accommodation at one Okinawa’s hotels and you also don’t have to worry about getting a rental car.  This way of travel makes it very budget friendly especially if you’re a solo camper on a budget. 

Another tip for budget Okinawa RV travelers is to park your Okinawa RV rentals at a Machino Eki overnight for free! These rest stops are completely free of charge for overnight stays and also usually have restrooms and showers. We made a YouTube video on our Okinawa RV youtube channel about these Okinawa camping car rest stops.


If you are thinking about coming to Okinawa for trip but can’t seem to find a travel parter have No FEAR, book and Okinawa RV rental and Travel SOLO!!!!

Best campsites in Okinawa!